GUARANTEE - Less than 1% of students here have needed this guarantee or reported failing the exam. If you fail the Notary Exam for any reason after getting a completion certificate from this course, everything is free to repeat.  You must email a copy of your completion certificate along with your, "failed" notification
to, and we will set you up with a new course.

Free repeats of the course must be be requested within 6 months of the completion date on your course completion certificate issued when you finish the last step.  

EXTENSIONS OF COURSE TIME LIMIT:  An average person can finish this course in less than a normal work day.  You WILL have 30 days access! 

ONLY 1 USER PER PURCHASE IS PERMITTED -  The course purchase entitles only 1 user 30 days access.  The state exam is held weekly in all major cities 4 times a month.  The course access is not transferable once the purchaser completes it and takes the exam.  We reserve the right to terminate the account without a refund if we discover multiple users accessing same.

NO REFUNDS -  There are no refunds once the information is purchased as immediate access begins.  The knowledge contained within this digital product is proprietary in nature and subsequently we can not allow refunds. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS IF YOU WANT A REFUND!